David Levy Planispheres

David Levy Planispheres

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At the SkyCenter we are experts in showing people the stars. However having the right tool is always the most effective way to do a job. We have found that these Levy Planispheres (star charts) serve us exceptionally well. They are the largest charts that we have seen available which makes them the easiest to read in the dark. In addition the outer plastic circles and inner laminated cardboard have proven to be durable even with the rough and tumble wear they receive from our enthusiastic visitors. The front window shows the stars and constellations that can been seen from 30-50 degrees (North) latitude (e.g. continental United States). The back side annotates and describes deep sky objects and other features of interest. No other item in our gift shop epitomizes the hands-on component of our program and therefore is the perfect souvenir. Each star chart is $20.00. This star chart is 11 x 11 and your total will reflect the cost of USPS standard shipping.

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